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Carpet and Textiles

DyeTech has been a leading producer of specialty chemicals for the dyeing and finishing of carpet and textile goods since 1985, and our defoamers and wetting agents are renowned for high performance in today's high speed and low wet pick up process machinery. Not only do we produce our products in the heart of the carpet industry, Dalton Georgia, but we work hand in hand with all mills, large and small, to assure that we are providing the best available technology and products in line with the current drive for more environmentally friendly, higher performance Defoamers, Antifoams, Wetting Agents, Dye Levelers, Froth Aids, Chelates, Lubricants, Antistats, Softeners and other Specialty Auxiliaries needed to produce fine carpets, rugs and fabrics as demanded by today's consumer.

DyeTech's excellent line of of dyehouse and finishing chemicals are used in the USA, Canada and other parts of the world because of our reputation for fine quality that is guaranteed by more than 35 years experience and more than 25 years of ISO9000 registration - we are currently certified under the ISO 9001:2015 standard. We invite you to ask about our quality procedures at anytime

Carpet & Textile Products      
- Antichlor Agents - Coating Agents & Assistants - Fixing Agents for Dyes - Penetrants - UV Absorbers
- Anticrock - Defoamers/AntiFoams - Froth & Foaming Aids - Printing Assistants - Wetting Agents & Surfactants
- Antiprecipitant - Dispersants - Lubricants: Dyebaths - Scours & Strips  
- Antistatic Agents - Dyes - Miscellaneous - Softeners  
- Bleaching Assistants - Dye Levelers - Oil & Water Repellents - Stain Resistant Finishes  
- Chelates - Dye Resists - Optical Brighteners - Thickeners  
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