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Soil Release and Stain Resistant Finishes

- SOFTECH 5412A SOFTECH 5412A is a fluoropolymer finish for carpet and textiles that is not produced by the ECF (electrochemical fluorination) process and does not contain PFOS. SOFTECH 5412A contains a high percentage of non-PFOS fluropolymer and provides excellent oil, water and soil repellency on most substrates. SOFTECH 5412A can be applied by pad, spray or foam methods in amounts arranging from 0.25% to 5.0% owg depending on the fabric and the degree of protection required. - READ MORE
- SOFTECH 98-H SOFTECH 98-H is a fluorocarbon finish, which has been developed to provide oil, water and soil repellency on carpets and textiles. SOFTECH 98-H can be applied in any typical foaming applications. SOFTECH 98-H has PROVEN to impart excellent oil, water and soil repellency on synthetic carpets and fabrics. SOFTECH 98-H does not interfere with crock fastness and does not cause any shading problems. SOFTECH 98-H is normally applied in foaming applications. Application levels vary depending on the carpet face weight but typically 0.7% owg is recommended. - READ MORE
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