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Scours and Strips

- DYESCOUR D-35 DYESCOUR D-35 is a unique blend of builders, detergents and grease removers to aid the dyer in preparing a clean base for dyeing or bleaching. Prescouring the goods with 3 - 6% owg DYESCOUR D-35 at 140 - 180 deg F. for 15 - 30 minutes will remove all but the most intractable soils, including graphite. Generally, it is most beneficial to utilize the shortest liquor ratio possible that will allow movement of the goods through the bath. - READ MORE
- CLARIFIER 4383C CLARIFIER 4383C is an excellent replacement for hydro used in the reduction of vats, clearing, stripping, and equipment cleaning. - READ MORE
- DYESCOUR 3126 DYESCOUR 3126 is an effective scour for the removal of graphite, oils, grease, iron stains and general soil from hosiery, piece goods and other textiles. It is a dry, free-flowing, white granular material. DYESCOUR 3126 is relatively dust-free. - READ MORE
- DYESCOUR 5498A DYESCOUR 5498A is a low odor solvent scour for removing grease and oil from textile and carpet substrates. It is easily removable and can be applied either through pad-nip or in long bath operations. - READ MORE
- DYESTRIP P-270 DYESTRIP P-270 is a stripping agent which has been specifically formulated to enable the removal of DYEFIX P-270 and other fixatives from dyed goods. - READ MORE
- DYESTRIP 3144 DYESTRIP 3144 is a stripping agent which had been specifically formulated to enable the removal of DYEFIX 3144 and other fixatives from dyed goods. - READ MORE
- CELSCOUR BRC CELSCOUR BRC is a multi-functional chemical auxiliary, that is used as a liquid replacement for powdered STPP, as well as a superior bleach range machine cleaner. - READ MORE
- OXYTECH OXYTECH has been formulated to reduce the Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and the Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) of effluent. - READ MORE
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