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Optical Brighteners

- TECHWHITE 2001 TECHWHITE 2001 has been developed for cellulosic and nylon fibers and is particularly useful in exhaust baths. It can also be applied by padding methods, but extra care must be taken to assure that tailing doesn't occur. Exhaust methods that employ stablized hydrosulfites are also equally effective. Because of its anionic nature cationic finishes and additives should be avoided in the same bath and care should be taken when topically applying cationics after dyeing; labratory work should be completed to assure that undesirable effects, e.g., yellowing or discoloring, does not occur when these finishes are utilized. - READ MORE
- TECHWHITE 4001 TECHWHITE 4001 is an optical brightener created for use with polyester, triacetate or diacetate fibers. In addition, it can also be applied to the polyester component of polyester/cellulosic blends by exhaustion from a hydrogen peroxide bath in conjunction with a cellulosic brightener. - READ MORE
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