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DYSIL 3166B is an aqueous silicone emulsion which can be applied to white or dyed cellulosic or synthetic fibers. DYSIL 3166B is essentially non-yellowing and imparts an excellent slick hand and lubricity to most substrates.

DYSIL 3166B can be applied in the dyebath as a softener/lubricant but its compatibility with the dyes should be checked before application. DYSIL 3166B can also be applied as an after treatment to bleaching or dyeing. The best results are achieved by employing DYSIL 3166B at 1-4% o.w.g. under slightly acidic conditions depending on the desired hand. DYSIL 3166B should be applied for at least 10 minutes at 100-120 deg F (~40-50 deg C) to ensure complete exhaustion.

The QUALITY of DYSIL 3166B is monitored by DYETECH, Inc.'s quality system which has been certified to meet the ISO 9001 internationally recognized quality standard.

For further information on DYSIL 3166B or other products, contact your DYETECH, Inc. salesperson.

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