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NOSIL CONCENTRATE is an economical and highly effective concentrated non silicone anti-foam and defoamer formulated for use in continuous and batch dyeing. Its anti-foam qualities are achieved through the use of special non-silicone hydrocarbons and high quality emulsifiers which allow the product to constantly re-emulsify itself during the course of a dye cycle and finally to rinse free of the fabric when the bath is dropped or rinsed upon exiting the steamer.

Many non-silicone defoamers are effective only at maximum dyebath temperatures and function more as an anti-foam with little or no foam knock-down power. However, NOSIL CONCENTRATE produces excellent foam knock-down and it can be added to the dyebath even at elevated temperatures without fear of splitting, scumming or spotting of the fabric.

While the prevention of foam should be the first consideration NOSIL CONCENTRATE provides the ability to kill foam without an excessive concentration of defoamer in the dye cycle. The introduction of NOSIL CONCENTRATE allows the dyehouse to reduce the quantity of defoamer product that it stores while a cost comparison against conventional non-silicone defoamers will show significant savings.

NOSIL CONCENTRATE can also be readily diluted with water to produce a milky white emulsion which can then be employed as a conventional in-house defoamer product. To extend the physical stability of the diluted product DYETECH, Inc. can supply a thickened aqueous solution.

NOSIL CONCENTRATE is normally employed at approximately 1/5th of the concentration of conventional non-silicone defoamers. Depending upon other dyebath components a typical starting concentration is 0.1 to 0.5% o.w.g. in batch dyeing or 0.05 to 0.5 g/l in continuous dyeing which is generally effective over the entire processing cycle without any further additions.

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For further information on NOSIL CONCENTRATE or other products, contact your DYETECH, Inc. salesperson.

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