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DYSOSOFT 151-D is designed for use on nylon carpets, rugs, hosiery and fabrics where a soft non-scroopy hand is desired. It also increases the appearance of bulking in low weight fabrics.

DYSOSOFT 151-D can be applied either in the dyebath or as an after treatment. When used in the dyebath it acts as a lubricant and bulking agent and helps prevent crack marks, pile distortion, etc. It also greatly improves the running qualities of the dye cycle and in open becks an improved dye liquor cascade will follow the substrate. When this method is employed the dyebath, if possible, should be finished off on the acid side and dropped without rinsing. This will yield a softer final hand. As little as
0.5% owg is adequate as a dyebath lubricant or up to 2% owg for increased softening qualities.

To achieve the best results from DYSOSOFT 151-D a small amount such as 0.5% owg is used in the dyebath as a lubricant and then an after treatment of 1 - 2% owg at 100 to 120 deg F. and a slightly acid pH should be employed. A running time of 5 to 15 minutes is adequate.

The unique combination of softeners and lubricants in DYSOSOFT 151-D produce a product that is non-yellowing on all nylon substrates thus making it a product of choice for whites and light shades. In addition a high quality non-toxic biocide is incorporated into the product giving it excellent shelf life even during the summer months.

The QUALITY of DYSOSOFT 151-D is monitored by DYETECH, Inc.'s quality system which has been certified to meet the ISO 9001
internationally recognized quality standard.

For further information on DYSOSOFT 151-D or other products, contact your DYETECH, Inc. salesperson.

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