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DYELEVEL RMZ is a combination dispersing/leveling agent for high temperature dyeing of polyester and polyester blends with disperse dyestuffs.

DYELEVEL RMZ is low foaming and has strong migrating and moderate retarding properties that impart excellent leveling in beam and package dyeing of polyester yarns with disperse dyestuffs.
It does not interfere with the exhaustion of disperse dyestuffs, insuring good repeatability of dyeing.

The recommended level for DYELEVEL RMZ in the dyebath is
0.5 - 1.0 g/L.

The QUALITY of DYELEVEL RMZ is monitored by DYETECH, Inc.'s quality system which has been certified to meet the ISO9001 internationally recognized quality standard.

For further information on DYELEVEL RMZ or other products, contact your DYETECH, Inc. salesperson.

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