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DYPENE 3247 is an excellent choice for penetrant qualities in dyeing protein and cotton fabrics and hosiery. This product gives very uniform wetting and aids in the removal of waxes, pectins and natural and synthetic oils used in processing. Generally 2-4% owg is recommended if used in a prescour bath and 0.5 to 1% in the dyebath.

DYPENE 3247 is also very effective as an after soap for reactive dyed goods.

For extremely oily goods an addition of 1-2% POLYOIL 300 is recommended for scavenging the oil and improving handle.

As a prescour, DYPENE 3247 is most effective between 140 and 190 deg F for 15 to 30 minutes. Unless the goods are very oily or soiled the bath can be dropped and refilled without a rinse.

Ask your DYETECH, Inc. technical representative for a demonstration. An ISO9001 produced product.

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