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DYESCOUR D-35 is a unique blend of builders, detergents and grease removers to aid the dyer in preparing a clean base for dyeing or bleaching. Prescouring the goods with 3 - 6% owg DYESCOUR D-35 at 140 - 180 deg F. for 15 - 30 minutes will remove all but the most intractable soils, including graphite. Generally, it is most beneficial to utilize the shortest liquor ratio possible that will allow movement of the goods through the bath.

After scouring, the goods should be rinsed clear before proceeding with subsequent processes. A second scour can be employed on extremely soiled fabrics without harming the goods.

The QUALITY of DYESCOUR D-35 is monitored by DyeTech, Inc.'s quality system which has been certified to meet the ISO 9001 internationally recognized quality standard.

For further information on DYESCOUR D-35 or other products, contact your DyeTech, Inc. salesperson.


1. Superior Scouring agent for graphite and oil.

2. Free-flowing, resists caking.

3. Works well at low temperature as well as high temperature.

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