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DYELEVEL NC-100 is a nonionic dye leveler which has been formulated for disperse or acid dyes which is suitable for nylon or polyester substrates of diverse construction and can be applied to all types of textile goods using any conventional dyeing equipment. DYELEVEL NC100 is very low foaming and is PROVEN to be very effective in either atmospheric or pressure applications. It is excellent as a non-carrier leveler in jet dye operations.

The QUALITY of DYELEVEL NC100 is monitored by DYETECH, Inc.'s quality system which has been certified to meet the ISO9001 internationally recognized quality standard.

For atmospheric (beck, tub, raw-stock) equipment 1-2% o.w.g. is normally adequate, and for reworks 4-8% o.w.g. at dyebath temperature for 1/2 to 1 hour will level the shade and allow the
dyer to make correcting adds of dyestuff or pull the batch if the shade is satisfactory. It is sometimes necessary to drop part or all of this bath and refill before making adds as DYELEVEL NC100 at these concentrations will keep the dyes from exhausting fully, therefore requiring an excessive amount of dye.

DYELEVEL NC100 when used in pressure equipment at high temperature is effective at 0.25-1.0% o.w.g. and here again is useful as a rework agent.

Recently, this leveler has found new applications as a leveling agent on the various spray dye machines and for "hot dye" on nylon carpet. In this application DYELEVEL NC100 is added to the dye liquor at 1-3 g/L and has proven to even the strike of acid dyes sufficiently to prevent the red "tippiness" that so often occurs in such applications.

For further information on DYELEVEL NC100 or our other products contact your DYETECH, Inc. salesperson.

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