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OXYTECH has been formulated to reduce the Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and the Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) of effluent.

OXYTECH has been PROVEN to reduce the COD and BOD in aerobic wastewater treatment processes by increasing the rate of oxygen transfer into the effluent. This is achieved by reducing the size of the air bubbles in the effluent stream, which results in maximum surface area and hence increased oxygen transfer.

OXYTECH is particularly effective in treating effluent that contains a high concentration of organic chemicals. In some cases OXYTECH can reduce the concentration of flocculant that is required and can also reduce defoamer concentration. OXYTECH can therefore result in savings by reducing both chemical and energy costs.

The QUALITY of OXYTECH is monitored by DyeTech, Inc.'s quality system, which has been certified to meet the ISO 9001 internationally recognized quality standard.

The concentration of OXYTECH varies upon the effluent to be treated. Typically, OXYTECH is added to the effluent at very low concentrations where 1-10 mg/L is sufficient to significantly reduce the COD and BOD.

For further information on OXYTECH or our other products contact your DyeTech, Inc. salesperson.

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