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DYESCOUR 3126 is an effective scour for the removal of graphite, oils, grease, iron stains and general soil from hosiery, piece goods and other textiles. It is a dry, free-flowing, white granular material. DYESCOUR 3126 is relatively dust-free.

DYESCOUR 3126 can be employed in low and high temperature applications. As the temperature is increased the concentration of DYESCOUR 3126 is decreased. In many areas of use sodium hydrosulfite has proven beneficial. A one to four ratio is recommended between sodium hydrosulfite and DYESCOUR 3126.

The QUALITY of DYESCOUR 3126 is monitored by DyeTech, Inc.’s quality system, which has been certified to meet the ISO 9001 internationally recognized quality standard.

If you require further information on DYESCOUR 3126 or any of our other products, please contact your DyeTech, Inc. sales representative.

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