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DYNOFOAM 6034 is a highly concentrated defoamer emulsion which has been specifically formulated for sale to chemical compounding companies. DYNOFOAM 6034 can typically be diluted to 10% to produce a ready-to-use defoamer product.

To make a 10% defoamer product:

1. Measure required amount of water.

2. Add enough polyacrylate thickener (or some other appropriate thickener) to produce a final viscosity of 1000-1500 cps. A pre-thickened viscosity modifier may be used if desired.

3. Add DYNOFOAM 6034 to complete product and stir for 30 minutes (check viscosity).

Full details on dilution procedures can be obtained from DYETECH, Inc.

The resulting defoamer product can be employed over a wide temperature range in batch or continuous applications. This product subdues foam formation throughout the whole processing cycle without scumming or splitting in the process liquor. The defoamer product is stable to high electrolyte concentrations and has excellent shear stability.

The QUALITY of DYNOFOAM 6034 is monitored by DYETECH, Inc.'s quality system which has been certified to meet the ISO 9001 internationally recognized quality standard.

For further information on DYNOFOAM 6034 or products, contact your DYETECH, Inc. salesperson.

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