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DYNOFOAM M-60 was designed using the latest technology in free rinsing silicones and a sophisticated emulsion system that allows the product to prevent and subdue foam formation throughout the dye cycle temperature range in batch or continuous operations.

Usage varies from .1 to .5 gpl for continuous work and from .25 to .75% OWG in batch dyeing. Generally, we recommend adding a small amount at the beginning of the cycle or in the make-up tank
to prevent foam formation. However, DYNOFOAM M-60 can be added at any point - including the boil - and no split or scumming will occur in most common dye baths.

Additionally, DYNOFOAM M-60 leaves virtually no film on the surface of the dye liquor even after boiling and cooling to room temperature. This in itself is not proof positive that the product will not leave a deposit on the substrate, but rather is an indication of a superior emulsification system. It also indicates better stability to heat changes such as would occur in jet dyeing or in a heat exchanger.

DyeTech Inc is an ISO 9001 company!

For further information on DYNOFOAM M-60 or other products, contact your DYETECH, Inc. salesperson.

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